The past couple of months, I’ve been really feeling into my authenticity. Which has got me asking myself questions like: Am I spending the majority of my time doing what I love to do? Which activities or daily tasks do I not enjoy? Is there a better and easier way to accomplish them? How can I create more time for myself?

I’ve noticed that most of us find value in the struggle. We feel valuable when we “work hard” and put forth effort. So much so that when we find ourselves doing nothing, there is this tiny twinge of guilt. Or maybe a lot of guilt, depending on your level of self worth. This mentality keeps us in old patterns and old ways of doing things when there are actually newer, easier and more efficient options. Instead of working hard all day, we could actually find ease and do more of what we want to do.

All this questioning has led me to some awesome epiphanies. One of them being that I am simply just not passionate about all of the daily tasks I engage in, and that is okay! This realization comes after years of trying to do and be good at everything. Obviously, when I was younger, times were slower and there was really only so much to focus on. But now our desires have expanded and our realities have too. The amount of information that we are all processing these days is incredible.

Luckily, nowadays, we have choices. We actually don’t have to do and be good at everything. Thank goodness! There are tools, apps and services that will do it for you. We now have the luxury of deciding that, yup I’m just not into tasks like cooking or grocery shopping anymore. And how cool is that!

Below I have put together a small list of tasks and activities that I have found tools, apps and services for in order to make them a little easier and help you create more time for yourself.


6 Simple Ways To Create More Time For Yourself


6 Simple Ways to Create More Time for Yourself


1. Decide which tasks you want to automate.

This first tip is not an app or tool, but simply a decision. Take a look at the tasks that you perform every day. Cooking, cleaning and exercising to name a few. Which ones come easy to you? Which ones do you struggle with?

Get a piece of paper and make 2 columns. One for listing the tasks that you easily accomplish, and the other with the tasks that you just don’t find that fun. Continue doing what you’re doing with the tasks in column one. If they feel easy, then that means you enjoy them or you have at least found a way to. No need to change what’s already working!

Instead focus on the second column, these are the tasks that you want to automate with an app, tool or service. Whatever it is, do a little research online. Search Google, your app store or Pinterest for some ideas. The next few points I share are tools that I personally use to automate some of my daily tasks. They may benefit you as well!


2. Drinking Water App.

Such a minor task you may think, but the benefit of water is huge! The biggest one for me is that it allows the energy to flow easily through my body. The only thing is, I forget to drink it unless I’m really thirsty. I used to be better at this but for some reason nowadays it just slips my mind.

This is a good example of a small task that takes up a little bit of my time. In fact, it takes more of my time to try and remember to drink than to actually drink the water. The solution? I found an app that reminds me all day to drink water. I get a notification every hour and whenever I finish a bottle of water I enter it into the app simply by pressing a button! This way it tracks how much I’ve drank and let’s me know when I’ve reached my daily goal.

Now, this small task is automated and it’s one less thing that I have to think about. I use this app here from the Google Play Store.


3. Clean My House App.

This task is obviously a lot bigger than just drinking water. This overall task is broken down into many tasks. So many tasks (can I say “task” one more time without annoying you), that it can overload your mind. There are things that need to get done around your house daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. Now that’s a lot to think about!

Not anymore! The Clean My House app will help you effortlessly keep on top of all your household chores. I feel like the biggest thing that holds me back when it comes to cleaning, is that I hold all the details in my head. All those extra thoughts can make you feel exhausted and then lead to procrastination.

Automating this process takes a load off. Set it up so you schedule 1 or 2 tasks per day and you’ll find yourself easily keeping up with your household chores. It’s especially helpful for those tasks that only need to be completed periodically throughout the month or even year. No longer do you have to recall when the last time you cleaned behind the fridge was. Set it for every 3 months or whatever you want, and voila, your guests will be impressed with your cleaning skills!

You can check out the Clean My House app here in the Google Play Store.


4. Subscribe to a Meal Kit Delivery Service.

This one definitely helps create more time for yourself. Meal kit delivery subscriptions offer home-delivery of fresh, mostly local, pre-portioned ingredients along with easy-to-follow recipes. Not only do they help you save time gathering ingredients, measuring and preparing them but they also reduce the amount of wasted ingredients. Grocery shopping also becomes easier, because that’s 3 to 6 less meals you have to shop for (depending on the number of meals per week you subscribe to).

Right now, my husband and I are subscribed to Miss Fresh here in Canada. They are a Canadian company. We’ve been with them since last summer and so far we are very pleased. We have tried recipes that I normally would have never cooked. Anytime we have had any issues with the ingredients, which there has been very few, they are quick to get back to us and even have offered us a discount for the next week’s delivery. I highly recommend them.

In the past, we have also subscribed to Hello Fresh. Another great experience. The only complaint we had was, at the time we were subscribed to them, we found they didn’t have as many recipes per week to choose from. I came across Miss Fresh and they offer 12 recipes per week to choose from which suited us much better.

More and more of these type of services are popping up everywhere. I suggest doing a Google search and find the best one that suits your lifestyle. If you are Canadian and want to try out Miss Fresh, you can sign up through my link here and you will get $35 off your first box.


5. Order Groceries Online.

Another great time-saver! Get online and order your groceries. Depending on the store and the service they offer, you simply pick-up when your order is ready or have your groceries delivered to your door. Our family has been doing this now for the last 9 months and all I can say is hallelujah!

Grocery shopping can be a time-consuming task, especially for a family. This service has made grocery shopping actually fun for me again! No more waiting for your list to be big enough to make it worth taking the trip. Especially in the winter months up here in Canada.

As I think of items we need, I add them to my cart and every week I place an order. I then get an email or text letting me know that I can pick up. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey as my kids would say!


6. Sign up with Amazon Prime and Subscribe to products you purchase consistently.

I am just starting to look more into this and I can see the huge advantage it will have. For one thing, it will eliminate some of your grocery shopping list. Yay! It also helps keep you on top of your stock. No more running out of your necessities. Plus Amazon offers savings on these products when you subscribe. Who doesn’t love savings!

Simply search in Amazon for the products you use on a regular basis and set how often you want them delivered.  I think this will be a great option for cleaning supplies, bathroom essentials and diapers if you have a little one. If for some crazy reason you have not signed up for an Amazon Prime account yet, you can join here.

Nowadays, there literally is an app or service for anything you want to accomplish.

These are just a few simple ways to create more time for yourself. Nowadays, there literally is an app or service for anything you want to accomplish. Times are definitely changing. More and more of us are just not willing to spend our time on activities that don’t bring us joy anymore. I think it’s awesome that we’re moving into this new space. It’s also awesome how our technology is supporting us so that we can spend our time more authentically, doing more of what we love to do.

I hope these simple tips help you tap into your own way of creating more time for yourself. All it takes is a little change in perspective and a Google search and you’re on your way to living a more authentic life!

What apps, tools or services do you use that help you create more time for yourself? Let me know in the comments below!